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Etta Says! by Treat Planet

7" Crunchy Chew Hardy "hardness" on the Munch-Meter Scale Made from only refines of beef bully, added protein, starch and fiber structure Available in three Proteins:  Lamb, Chicken and Turkey Banded to show natural texture..
100% Real Meat – 100% Freeze-Dried, Never Cooked – No Hormones or Antibiotics! Let's face it, cats are finicky eaters and carnivores.  What we feed them is important.  Kitty Kitty treats are something that you can feel good about treating your cat.  They are a great source of lean ..
10 oz bag Made from scratch with wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about treating your dog! These crunchy, bite-sized treats are great for training and as a delicious reward for your dog every day. Go ahead, pop open a box and share some love! Made in the USA L..
Available in 10" MEGA Casual "harness" on the Much-Meter Scale Made from US sourced rawhide & a unique protein Available in 3 Proteins:  Elk, Turkey, & Buffalo Banded to show natural texture..
Available in 7" or 4.5" (Bulk 36 ct case) Casual "harness" on the Much-Meter Scale Made from US sourced rawhide & a unique protein Available in 3 Proteins:  Deer, Duck, Rabbit Banded to show natural texture..
Etta Says! Mega Crunchy Chew Starter Kit-Display & 54 Chews Etta Says Mega Chews are fun. Tradition of unique sources that are blended with rawhide for a tasty chewable treat. Like the premium cruncchy chew line, these chews utilize the same unique manufacturing process, but are MEGA sized!&n..
POS Stand Display for 4.5" chews & bars 6 x 8 x 16 in  ..
Etta Says Sit! Training Treats wt 6oz 18 month shelf life LIMITED INGREDIENT TRAINING TREAT LOW CALORIE • 3 CALORIES PER PIECE • NO GELATIN, WHEAT, CORN OR SOY Peanut Butter: Ingredients: Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Coconut Glycerin, Flaxseed, Peanut Flour, Brown Rice Syrup, Peanut Butter F..
18 month shelf life Etta Says Snack Sticks are individually wrapped meat snack sticks that are huge hits with dogs and humans alike. The treats are human grade meat sticks that you can share with your dog. To make sure we offered the healthiest meat products available, the governme..
18 month shelf life 2.5oz ONE INGREDIENT TO HIDE 100% REAL MEAT • 100% FREEZE DRIED,NEVER COOKED • NO HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS Duck: Ingredients: 100% Duck Meat Crude Protein (Min) 52% Crude Fat (Min) 20% Crude Fiber (Max) 1% Moisture (Max) 6% Lamb: Ingredients: 100% Lamb..
Crunchy Premium Chew Bars - 12 per box - 4.5" (Beef - POS Bulk 36 count) The palatability of these chews ranks high with dogs as a highly sought after treat. They are safer than traditional rawhide due to a propriety manufacturing process that breaks down the rawhide and mixes it with quality ..
Meat Treats (case 12 bars) by Etta Says! 100% Human Grade, NO Added Hormones, Fillers or Nitrates/Nitrites, MSG, Gluten & Soy Free, Made in the USA Bar size: .5 x .5 x 2.5 inches  •  18 month shelf life PROTEIN JERKY, EASY TO DIGEST, NO ODOR, WON’T STAIN CARPET Turkey + Ba..
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