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Due to constantly changing prices and in-stock availability, we have removed Pet Palette orders from the web site. We recommend instead that you visit to place your orders directly.   If you have ordered Pet Palette products through me at Petpourri in the past, we will continue to be credited with the orders you place on their site.  If you have not ordered Pet Palette through me before, please note Petpourri or Jo Ann Mancini in the memo seciton of your first Petpalette order.  

We hope that by ordering through the Pet Palette web site you will always see the most current products available, the most accurate pricing, as well as the real time inventory status (or out of stock status) of each product line.

If you prefer, you are still welcome to contact me directly with your orders, and I will submit them to Pet Palette for you.  I am always available to assist you with your orders or any support that you may need.  Thank you for your continued orders through me at Petpourri.





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