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Brand: Healthybud
Banana Crisps (4.6 oz) - Did you know that bananas are a great source of fiber, vitamins & minerals? These natural dog treats are as healthy as they are tasty. Our banana crisps have only one added ingredient to give it its crunchy texture: coconut oil! They contain no added sugar or salt a..
Brand: Healthybud
Beef Joint Booster - Designed alongside renowned animal nutritionists and veterinarians, this nutritional food topper and treat aids with hip and joint mobility and helps reduce and prevent pain associated with chronic inflammation. It provides a unique combination of ingredients containing nat..
Brand: Healthybud
Beef Lung Wafers (2.1 oz) - Made of pure Beef Lung, this treat is raw and nutritious. It is high in protein, iron and essential nutrients, and made of Canadian human-grade meat. These lightweight wafers are packed with flavor, baked gently to attain the perfect texture and are easy to snap (wit..
Brand: Healthybud
Pure Sweet Potato (4.6 oz) - Made of pure Sweet Potato, these chewy treats are great for keeping your pup busy and for crate training. This delicious, human-grade sweet potato is sourced from North America, and gently baked in Canada for your pet to enjoy. Our Sweet Potato chews are a natural s..
Brand: Healthybud
Turkey Gut Booster - Designed alongside renowned animal nutritionists, this natural topper and treat aids with digestive health by providing a unique combination of prebiotics, digestive enzymes and other ingredients aimed at promoting good gut bacteria and efficient nutrient absorption. This p..
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