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We’re getting our feet wet with a new eco-venture: safe, non-toxic pet toys and feeding accessories that save plastic from winding up in our oceans. Made with Seaflex, an exclusive blend of reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex® material. Thanks to our collaboration with..
Heyday Bed Heyday Bed
Stuffed with recycled IntelliLoft and topped with a wonderfully textured, swoon-worthy fabric that's baby-blanket soft, the plush top Heyday Bed synthesizes supreme snuggliness with durability.  Pillowy bolsters and a double-stuffed base to maximize comfort.  Low profile provides easy acce..
Featuring our best selling Zogoflex® toys in ruby red, new plush patterns, and a festive new line of collars and leashes (almost too cute to handle).  Handcrafted with love in Bozeman, Montana. Mini - 6" Standard - 9.75" SHIPPING JULY 2021..
Qwizii® Qwizii®
Quizi® is the interactive new treat-dispensing toy that stimulates minds and satisfies taste buds.  Brilliantly designed to keep dogs engaged and extend the life of their favorite snacks.  It provides mental challenge while stretching out play sessions.  Rated 4 out of 5 on our d..
Rumpus Rumpus
Rumpus newest chew toy is the toughest yet!  With three chew lobes, this extra durable toy rocks and rolls to keep dogs engaged.  Rumpus was designed for dogs who have the need to gnaw and is tested for toughness by the West Paw chew squad. Available in two sizes and three fun colors. Mad..
Wilson Rowdie
Rowdy dogs, meet your match!  Thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested for toughness and durability, our newest line of durable plush is built for romping and (supervised) roughhouse play.  Rowdies are made with HardyTex durable fabric and designated Zogoflex chew zones - two of our stu..
We can’t let a good heart go to waste—so we source this underrated culinary organ meat to freeze-dry into flavorful, nutritious planet-friendly treats. In fact, this single-ingredient treat is all heart: 100% natural freeze-dried raw beef&n..
For first time retail buy-in check out the Stock Pack. Deliver the liver in a delicious, chewy, nutrition-loaded freeze-dried raw dog treat—after all, liver comes loaded with vitamins and minerals. So that’s all we included: 100% grass-fed liver, freeze-dried to naturally, safely capture all..
Big Sky Nap Big Sky Nap
West Paw's most luxe, cushiony, and comfortable mat yet, the Big Sky Nap is handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana, USA.  It includes ultra-fluffy, eco-friendly IntelliLoft made from recycled plastic bottles.  Every adventure is that much better with a soft place to curl up for a snooze.  Ba..
These Air-Dried Bison Heart Dog Treats are bursting with healthy, inflammation-busting omega 3 fatty acids, and heart-healthy natural taurine and CoQ10. Super-strengthening collagen is good for joint health. These pasture-raised, majestic beasts are sustainably sourced in the US and Canada.  ..
.Our Air-Dried Bison Lung Dog Treats have a chewy but sturdy texture and are easy to break into smaller snacks. Bison is naturally high in protein, B vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acid, yet low in fat. These pasture-raised, majestic beasts are sustainably sourced in the US and Canada. Dog owners wi..
CREAMY DOG TREATS - Starts shipping in late June Treats made the West Paw way: Healthy, Safe and Responsibly. Both flavors have limited ingredients and come in an easy and mess-free tube dispenser. Gluten & grain free with simple and clean ingredients. Healthy nutrition and drool-worthy ..
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