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Wondercide Natural Products

2oz  Floppy. Pointy. Long. Short. All ears are adorable. And they’re all susceptible to infections and parasites. This alcohol-free treatment is safe for use on cats and dogs, and will help eliminate uncomfortable ear issues and parasite problems. Prevent infections before they even develop,..
2oz  OK, hear us out. Protecting Your Pack™ means taking care of every part of your pet, from the tip of the tail to the ears. This alcohol-free wash is made with organic oils of peppermint and lemon eucalyptus, and safe for use on cats as well as dogs. It’s the safest way to remove ear wax ..
WHAT MAKES IT GREAT Wondercide Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home is a safe and effective alternative to flea and tick control products that contain chemical pesticides. It can be used as treatment or a preventative for ongoing control – all in 1 easy-to-use spray. • Replaces Flea & Ti..
Ready to Use 32oz  Proven to work and easy to use. This ready-to-use pest protection kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and hundreds more bugs. Safe for beneficial bugs like bees & butterflies. Packaging may vary. THE POWER OF CEDAR OIL. Cedar oil, the main ingredi..
Geranium: Wash away fleas and ticks and give your pet the fresh start it deserves with this shampoo bar that’s easy to use and long lasting. Coconut oil powers a lush lather, while geranium and citronella repel to help keep bugs at bay. So scrub with one hand. Celebrate with the other. GIVE YO..
Neem has been used for centuries as “the curer of all ailments”. Now this oil make it available for you to provide localized relief for your dog. Powered by cold-pressed neem oil, natural esssential oils, and other plant-derived ingredients. Works on problem areas caused by dry, itchy skin, hot spot..
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